Политика в области качества

KEP Technologies High Tech Products (SETARAM commercial name) is constantly developing its customer service. Today, our true identity is based on:

  • Constantly listening to customers, an approach followed by all our departments and central to all the products and associated services we develop.
  • Designing high-tech measuring instruments and special machines which are reliable and ever-more relevant to our customers’ applications.
  • A cohesive, multicultural organisation working in direct sales as well as an extensive network of distributors trained by our experts.
  • An industrial organisation built with an efficient Supply Chain informed by reliable sales forecasts, based on a carefully selected and assessed group of suppliers, and steered using an effective ERP that enables us to guarantee cost control and deadline management.
  • A team of multi-skilled men and women, hired for their know-how and willingness to invest in the long term.

With a view to continuously improving our service, KEP Technologies High Tech Products is now orienting its Quality policy towards:

  • Improving the definition of customers’ needs by reviewing our processes and repositioning this need at the centre of our thought processes.
  • Developing new, innovative products where the choice of materials, technologies and partners is crucial.
  • Optimising our sales organisation to strengthen pre-sales activities as a strategic sales tool, setting up a new CRM tool to promote customer relations, a more consistent distribution of our sales teams by geographical area, and making our after-sales department more accessible to customers.
  • Improving our industrial performance by decompartmentalising our operational departments and integrating sales and R&D data upstream of delivery.
  • Providing better support for employees throughout their career with the company by introducing a training policy which is consistent with our strategy, developing skills and versatility, and improving management of individual assessment interviews.

The quality manager is appointed by general management to implement this policy and ensure it is applied by all staff. Our success depends on everyone being involved.