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B0864 - Chaleurs de mélange de fluides sous hautes pressions et à températures élevées

C. Mathonat, V. Hynek, V. Majer, J-P.E. Grolier, JCAT (1993) 163-167

B0863 - Evaluation of the Flory-Huggins interaction parameter for poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile) and poly(methyl-methacrylate) blend from enthalpy of mixing measurements

D. Frezotti, G.P. Ravanetti, JCAT (1993) 135-138

B0862 - Apports de la calorimétrie différentielle programmée et de la thermogravimétrie pour l'optimisation d'un tour de coulée de résine epoxy entièrement automatisée

L. Elégant, P. Tomi et P. Périssol, JCAT (1993) 111-114

B0861 - Thermodynamic characterization of RNase A in the precence of GdnHCl

G. Barone, P. Del Vecchio, D. Fessas, C. Giancola, G. Graziano, A. Riccio, JCAT (1993) 35-38

B0859 - Detailed study of a two component smectic 4TPB-8OCB system with a nematic gap. Phase diagram and viscosity study

K. Czuprynski, J. Janik, J.K. Moscicki, Liquid Crystals 14 (1993) 1371-1375

B0858 - Three ring dioxanes as dopants enhancing the stability of the smectic C phase

J. Szulc, K. Czuprynski, R. Dabrowski, J. Przedmojski, Liquid Crystals 14 (1993) 1377-1387

B0857 - Thermodynamic data for some complex oxides used in electrolamp production

G.G. Gospodinov and V.M. Marchev, Thermochimica Acta 222 (1993) 143-147

B0856 - The temperature relations of the thermodynamic quantities of Ca, Sr, Ba and Pb zirconates

G.G. Gospodinov and V.M. Marchev, Thermochimica Acta 222 (1993) 137-141

B0855 - Thermal stability of barium-doped iron oxides with spinel structure

Previous experiments have demonstrated the influence of the size and surface area of particles of iron oxides with spinel structure on the oxidation (Fe3O4 => y-Fe2O3 and transformation (y-Fe2O3 => alpha-Fe2O3) enthalpies and temperatures. In the present paper,

Ch. Sarda and A. Rousset, Thermochimica Acta 222 (1993) 21-31

B0854 - The enthalpic interaction parameters of NaCl, KCl and KI with acetone in water at 303.15 and 308.15 K

The enthalpies of solution have been measured for NaCl, KCl and KI in water and in acetone-water mixtures at 303.15 and 308.15 K. The enthalpic interaction parameters hxy, hxxy and hxyy of the three salts with acetone have been evaluated at the two temper

Y.Lu, S. Zhen and J. Lu, Thermochimica Acta 221 (1993) 171-181

B0853 - The thermal decomposition of azide polymers containing ferruginous compounds

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), as well as dynamic exothermic deflagration and vacuum stability tests, were employed to investigate the thermal characteristics of azide polymer binder systems in the presence o

S-M. Shen, Y-S. Chiu, S-W. Wang and S-I. Chen, Thermochimica Acta 221 (1993) 275-282

B0852 - Thermophysical properties of the composite ceramic-salt system (SiO2/Na2SO4)

A composite ceramic-salt packed bed configuration is being developed for high-temperature thermal storage. The range of application is industrial waste heat recovery and utilization, off peak utilization reserve and solar thermal power systems application

W. Notter, Th. Lechner, U. Groß and E. Hahne, Thermochimica Acta 218 (1993) 455-463

B0851 - Inverse drop-calorimetry. A study of metastable and nonequilibrium phases

The method of inverse drop-calorimetry was extended for studying the thermodynamic properties of metastable and nonequilibrium phases over a wide temperature range and in the phase transition regions.

V.L. Solozhenko, Thermochimica Acta 218 (1993) 395-400

B0850 - The enthalpy of formation of the Cd-Ga-Zn liquid system

Using a high-temperature Calvet calorimeter, the molar enthalpies of formation (?mixHm = f(xCd, xZn)) of the liquid Cd + Ga + Zn alloys were measured at 730 K over a large molar fraction range. The direct drop method (successive additions of solid cadmium

S. Hassam, M. Gambino and J.P. Bros, Thermochimica Acta 217 (1993) 19-28

B0849 - Thermodynamics of adsorbed molecules for a new acid-base topochemistry of alumina

In the present study, two methods have been applied for characterizing the surface acidity and basicity of an amphoteric y-alumlna: a titration method using Hammett indicators and a gas phase adsorption method using basic (i.e. piperidine, diethylamine, n-butylamine, ammonia, pyridine, aniline), amphoteric (Le. pyrrole, water, methylalcohol terr-butyl alcohol, acetonitrile), and acidic (i.e. m-cresol, carbon dioxide, acetic acid, sulfur dioxide) probe molecules by means of combined volumetry-calorimetry technique. The scales of acid-base strength obtained by the two methods and their reliability have been compared. Both the strength and number of acidic sites were related to the pKa of the probes. When using weaker probes (PKa I 0) only the very strong acid sites are titrated. At pKa 1 5 a plateau is reached. Moreover, in order to evaluate more precisely the gas-solid interactions, the thermodynamic behaviour of the adsorbed probes has been studied, including the isotherm, the differential heat, the integral heat and the differential molar entropies of adsorption as a function of the coverage. Integral heat corresponding to the chemisorbedvolume has been taken as a criterion to compare the acid strength of the sites. Besides, integral heat curves describe a parabola which curvature has been related to the strength of the adsorbate-adsorbent system. The values of the differential molar entropies of adsorbate confirm an immobile layer in the range 04.4 degree of coverage.

A. Gervasini, A. Auroux, Journal of Physical Chemistry 97 (1993) 2628-2639

B0848 - Etude d'alliages précurseurs de céramiques semi-conductrices. Détermination expérimentale des coupes isopléthiques du ternaire zinc-antimoine-bismuth

F. Adjadj, A. Marchand, J.R. Vignalou, J. Said, JEEP (1993) 279-282

B0847 - Etude de la transformation d'un gel en verre borosilicate de sodium par analyse thermique et microscopie électronique. Application à la synthèse de nano-cristallites de CdS

W. Granier, L. Boudes, J. Allegre, L. Martin, J.H. Letoffe et P. Claudy, JEEP (1993) 211-217

B0846 - Enthalpie de formation des mélanges liquides NaF-NdF3 et diagramme d'équilibre des phases

M. Berkani, G. Hatem, M. Gaune-Escard, JEEP (1993) 131-137

B0845 - Etude du système binaire Na3AIF6-Ba3Al2F12

P. Peretz, G. Hatem, M. Gaune-Escard, JEEP (1993) 125-130

B0844 - Wirkung von Hypoxie und Anoxie auf den Energiestoffwechsel und die Stoffwechselrate von Vertebraten und Evertebraten: Biochemische und mikrokalorimetrische untersuchungen

G. Wegener, G. Burkhardt, T. Moratzky, P. Stangl, W. Weyel, ULM (1993)

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