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A new brand image for a new era!

We are happy to share with you a major piece of information for KEP Technologies: The launch of the new Setaram brand logo, which marks the beginning of a new era for the most important business of our company. We invite you to watch this short video announcing the change of our logo!


Setaram continues to accompany you in your R&D, Quality Control and Academic missions to improve materials for a better and safer environment. In this newsletter we highlight the specifics of Setaram sensors and provide insight into battery applications and Phase change materials applications which are key for energy savings and IIoT development.

Promotion #2: Discounted Spare Parts

TODAY’S FOCUS: SPARE PARTS This is for CURRENT and FUTURE Setaram Customers! Read closely! For CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Any Setaram manufactured spare parts and Consumables, There will be an automatic 20% discount from now until the end of the year! In 2019, any Setaram Spare Parts and Consumables,...


“I’m pleased to share with you our first EMEA newsletter. Setaram, a brand of KEP Technologies group, is a leader in Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry and gas sorption solutions. We serve most industry segments including Universities, Fundamental research, Nuclear, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Aeronautics.We plan to update you on...
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SETARAM Instrumentation и ООО «КОМЕФ» Приглашают Вас 13 или 15 апреля 2016 на встречу c представителем компании SETARAM в Москве
New Trends in Ceramic Materials Properties Characterization

New Trends in Ceramic Materials Properties Characterization

Advanced ceramic materials require novel and improved methods of synthesis, characterization, and investigation. Kristina Lilova, Ph.D., is Applications Manager at Setaram Americas. February 1, 2016 Ceramic Industry magazine The continuing development of ceramic materials, along with an increasing number of industrial applications, is posing new challenges for the materials science...
Thermal analysis


Уважаемые дамы и господа!

Предлагаем обратить Ваше внимание на термический анализатор компании SETARAM Instrumentation - LABSYS EVO. Данный прибор позволяет проводить самые разнообразные термоаналитические...
Thermal analysis

NEW! Инструмент 1, 6 версий

On the basis of the very successful LABSYS evo thermal analyzers line, SETARAM has developed 6 products with different features and benefits that will best fit your testing needs.

The instruments range from Thermo Gravimetric Analyzers (TGA) and Simultaneous Thermal Analyzers (STA) to Differential Thermal Analyzers / Differential...
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