An innovative line of Thermal Analyzers (-120 / 830°C) with 3D-Inside technology: DSC, High Pressure DSC, Robot DSC, TG-DSC-coupling to gas analyzer

Этот прибор оснащён 3D датчиком Calvet типа, симметричными весами и двухкамерной печью. Система ТГ-ДСК выдаёт сигнал ДСК непревзойдённой точности. Таким образом, вы получаете дифференциально-сканирующий калориметр, обеспечивающий реальную точность калориметрии в сочетании с термогравиметрическим анализом со стабильной базовой линией – последнее слово в высокопроизводительной термогравиметрической и дифференциально-сканирующей калориметрии.

2D plate-shaped or cylindrical 3D Calvet sensor?

Secondary Vacuum
This solution consists of silica tubing connected to a turbomolecular pump via a computer controlled solenoid valve. The vacuum level is measured by a Pirani gauge and acquired by the software.

Crucible, pierced lid
Aluminum crucibles are available with pierced lids to work in TG-DSC mode, along with silica or inconel tubing options, allowing heat of evaporation measurement. The crucible volume is 90 µL, diameter 4mm and height 11.3mm.

SENSYS evo TGA only
A cost effective SENSYS evo TGA was designed without the standard DSC function.  Operation remains between -120 and 830°C.

Температура oт температуры окружающей среды до 830ºC
Скорость нагревания/охлаждения От 0,01 до 30ºC.мин-1
Тигли ëмкостью 150 мкл
Разрешающая способность 0,02 / 0,002 мкг
Подсоединение MS, FTIR & GC
Характерные особенности

The sample and reference sensors are composed of 120 thermocouples mounted in a cylinder that totally surrounds the measurement zone. These two cylinders can measure up to 94 % of all heat exchanged with the sample / reference, as compared to 20 % typically (50 % absolute maximum) with 2D place sensors.

The sensors are mounted in a calorimetric block that is further water cooled to eliminate any environmental variations and therefore giving you a highly precise and robust sensor with a unique level of specific sensitivity.

For studies at sub-ambient temperature, an automated cooling device utilizing evaporation of liquid nitrogen can be fitted onto the calorimetric unit.

Simultaneous TG & DSC
The performances of the SENSYS evo TG-DSC result from the absolute
of this unique system in which the TG and DSC transducers, which are mechanically independent, retain their specific characteristics:

• symmetry of the furnace: the sample and the reference are heated
inside the same calorimetric block, which means that the buoyancy effect is compensated automatically.

• symmetry of the upper beam microbalance: its vertical design with
beams of identical length guarantees perfectly reproducible positioning of
the sample over time and excellent stability of the TG signal baseline.

The SENSYS evo TG-DSC is an extremely sensitive instrument that can
measure actual variations in weight of the order of one microgram.

Gas control panel
The SENSYS evo TG-DSC incorporates an automated gas control panel.

It is possible to:
 select from 3 different carrier gases (flow rate: 4 to 200 ml/min)

 mix one of these carrier gases with another “auxiliary or reactive” gaseous fluid
(flow rate:0.3 to 16 ml/min).

Области применения

With its high precision and wide temperature range (-120 to 830 °C) the
SENSYS evo TG-DSC has a wide range of applications, especially in the fields of thermodynamics (Specific Heat Capacity Cp precision within +/-1 %), pharmaceuticals (phase diagram, polymorphism, purity, thermal stability), safety of chemical process (transition, decomposition under high pressure), energy (catalysis, hydrogen storage, hydrogen adsorption),polymers (glass transition, measurement under pressure), etc.

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