High Pressure Gas Panel up to 200 bar

For the control of sample pressure, we offer a solution up to 200 bar as described below.We provide also a gas panel based on the high pressure syringe pump principle for pressure up to 1000 bar. The High Pressure Gas Panel has been designed to be used with the highly sensitive microcalorimeter HP micro DSC.

It can be used also with other SETARAM systems : – the innovative Sensys DSC (-120C to 830°C) and its 100 to 140 µl cells, – the low temperature calorimeter BT2.15 (-196 to 200) and its 3 to 8.5ml cells, – the Reaction, isothermal and scanning calorimeter C80 (ambient to 300C) with its 3 to 8.5ml cells.

Maximum Pressure 200 bar
Pressure Control By means of a 300mL buffer volume
Precision of Pressure Regulation ± 0.1 bar (if temperature stable)
Modes of Pressure Control Constant Pressure
Primary Gas Supply Pressure >Pressure of experiment
Nature of gas He, N2, Ar, H2a, CH4a, CO2(gas) Dry H2S

a Fluids group 1

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